"AQ water is not ordinary water! It has allowed my whole family to be free of illness and pain for 14 years. It cured my daughter's severe skin disease and also treated my severe rhinitis. It can also alleviate cross-infections, and it has been verified by more than 100 tests. It's not a simple matter; almost all verifications have been completed, and AQ surpasses even food safety certifications."

I have always believed that AQ water is the water of Guanyin, because my daughter was born as a result of praying to Guanyin. Two months after my daughter was born, she developed a severe skin disease, which led me to end my 13-year business in the beauty industry and take her to seek medical help everywhere. When there seemed to be no solution, I turned to Guanyin for help and made a promise that if she cured my daughter's skin disease, I would do more good deeds and observe a vegetarian diet for three months.

Not long after making the vow, I came across AQ water, which not only cured my daughter's skin disease and treated my severe rhinitis but also prevented my two sons from catching colds and having fever, allowing us to stop taking medication. As a result, I decided to step in and take over the business of AQ. Initially, I didn't want to engage in business anymore because my children were too young, and I needed to take care of them. However, I have received countless testimonials from customers who have successfully used AQ to alleviate various difficult and rare conditions. After a journey of 14 years, I firmly believe that AQ is a product that can mitigate pandemics and protect human health."