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7 Major Functions




Float in the air for thorough sterilization, fully destroying the infection chain of bacteria and virus

AQ Bio Sanitizer is extracted from advanced biotechnology, which employs the latest air sterilization technology to allow nano-molecules to swiftly encapsulate contaminants. This process unlocks the superior power of Sesquiterpenoids, leading to direct destruction of microbes or their cell walls. With microbes eliminated or rendered unable to reproduce, a sterilized environment is created.

7大功能,AQ Bio消毒殺菌噴霧、殺菌達99.9999%, 對抗濕疹,暗瘡,皮膚敏感,念珠菌,鼻敏感,喉嚨痛, 助皮膚修護細胞, 產生抗菌能




Protect skin layer from invasion of impurities after detoxification

Irritation including itchiness and swelling from insect bites is actually a form of communication from our body to us. These bodily reactions mainly trigger the immune system to repel foreign toxic substances. AQ Bio Sanitizer can penetrate the surface of our skin and neutralize toxins within mosquito saliva or insect (for example, bee) venom. This mechanism shortens the duration of irritation and enables the immune system to restore our skin to its original condition.




Recover cell tissue with antibacterial ability built quickly over the skin

Prolonged exposure to high levels of pollutants in the environment is damaging our skin cells and wears out our stratum corneum. This erosion reduces the skin’s immunity and hampers its function as a barrier, making the body vulnerable to external stimuli. AQ contains plant extracts which kill germs and strengthen the skin’s membrane barrier, achieving anti-bacterial, anti-allergy and anti-aging, and repair cell tissue, so that the skin can focus on repairing and enhancing its immunity without being invaded by external bacteria.




Offer a virus-free environment, restore and boost up the immune system

One of AQ’s most distinguished capabilities is air purification. The combination of revolutionary biotechnology utilization and an adequate amount of natural botanic substance allows the bio sanitizer to quickly achieve nanoization in the air. Nanoization prolongs the bio sanitizer’s ability to remain airborne, allowing it more time to sanitize the air with spectacular results.




With fermented plant collagen, an antibacterial, anti-allergic and anti-aging barrier is built for the skin

AQ Bio Sanitizer is a pivotal creation of technology. Resembling body fluid, it is compatible with our sensory system and does not trigger immune system rejection. AQ builds a protective shield around the body and allows the immune system to rest and recharge, thereby strengthening bodily functions and repairing damaged sectors. It reduces fatigue, slows down aging, and alleviates the burden placed on the immune system in a comprehensive manner.




Not just cover up, but completely decompose the source of odor

In our daily lives we often encounter all sorts of unpleasant smells. Organic odors such as those from garbage, the body, and cigarettes are all factors that adversely affect our health. Instead of using scented compounds to cover up such odors, AQ’s biotechnology breaks down the source of the foul smell to achieve thorough sanitization. The aerosol is easy to use – one squeeze yields immediate results – and you are welcome to try and compare.



Remove formaldehyde

Decompose carcinogenic substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, secondhand smoke and other pollutants at source

AQ’s VOC Treatment Formula specializes in decomposing organic pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene. It uses MicroNeedling technique to break down airborne carcinogens at source into carbohydrates; it also thoroughly removes cigarette smell and eliminates toxins arising from second-hand smoking. The resultant increase in good-quality particulates in the atmosphere improves human health without any secondary pollution.





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