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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can AQ be used for favism?

Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency (G6PDD) is the official name of favism. An acute hemolytic reaction will occur once a patient comes into contact with fava beans, camphor, mothballs, and gentian violet (purple syrup). The ingredients of AQ do not contain camphor or any of the content mentioned above, so patients with G6PDD should have no problem with using AQ products. Instead, AQ helps to reduce the allergens in the environment and relieves the chances of onset.


Can pregnant women use this? Can AQ be sprayed on the throat?

AQ products have passed strict testing and are certified to be free from drugs, heavy metals, carcinogens, and toxins, making it suitable for everyone. Pregnant women should not take medicines, so they should prevent from fall ill easily. It is an absolutely wise choice to use AQ to remove harmful bacteria in the environment, reduce the chance of infection, and create a sterile space. As for whether it can be used on the throat, it varies depending on the pregnancy condition of each person. However, AQ products are natural product so no harm is caused when more is used.


Can the skin formula BM be used on Candida

Both the multifunctional formula GP and the skin formula BM are able to sterilize bacteria, and the skin formula BM is aimed at the problem of candida. If it is serious, the multifunctional formula GP can be used to strengthen the repairing process. It can also be used to clean the private parts of women by spraying the product on a cotton pad or ball for everyday care.


Is the slightly yellow color of the multifunctional GP series product normal?

AQ recently received some inquiries from fans regarding the yellowish color of the multi-functional formula GP series and the pet formula PT series. The raw materials of AQ products come from natural sources and do not contain artificial coloring and bleaching agents. It is normal for different batches of materials to have different colors and concentration of scents due to differences in sunlight and rainfall in the production area. As long as it doesn't become cloudy or foul-smelling, there are no irregular chances so please don’t worry about continuing use.


Can AQ products be orally consumed? Can it be sprayed on meal utensils?

Of course. It can be used especially for canker sours and oral problems, because AQ’s product has been certified ( to be orally harmless, non-medicinal and non-toxic. It also does not contain heavy metals or any common human skin sensitization elements, and studies have proven that they will not cause cancer or lesions.


Which formula can be used for eczema conditions or as a disinfectant for children? Can a one-year-old use the multi-functional sterilization formula?

The disinfection efficacy of GP multi-functional sterilization formula and KD infant antibacterial antisensitivity formula is basically the same, so naturally, it can be used to sterilize your baby’s toys, daily necessities and others. However, if it is used on your baby’s skin, we recommend the KD antibacterial and anti-allergic formula for children, because this series is specially designed for children aged 0-6. It is mild in nature and especially suitable for milk ringworm, eczema, itching, diaper rash and other skin sensitivity problems. For better results, spray the KD Toddler Formula directly on the skin 4-6 times a day.


Can it be used for pain of the throat?

AQ’s product has been certified ( to be orally harmless, non-medicinal and non-toxic. It also does not contain heavy metals or any common human skin sensitization elements, and studies have proven that will not cause cancer or lesions. If the throat or other oral areas are uncomfortable due to bacteria and viruses, you can spray the area 4 to 6 times with the product. For canker sores and cold sores, using AQ can help soothe and prevent more serious problems from happening.


Can it kill the flu virus?

Simply put, a virus is a pathogen that cannot survive independently. It must attach itself to a carrier such as a bacterium or a single cell in order to survive and reproduce. The functions of AQ effectively kills such carriers and attached parasitic viruses to prevent the viruses from spreading.


Which formula should be used for cats and dogs with skin diseases?

The pet formula series is specially developed for animal fur, which is particularly effective against the type of spore specie active in the fur layer. It reduces skin problems and odor for healthier fur!


Can it be used on Athlete’s foot? What is the 7-day soaking method?

The multi-functional formula has the strongest penetrability and is more suitable for this purpose. The 7-day soaking method involves the complete immersion of the affected foot in the AQ liquid until the skin of the foot is wrinkled and the cuticle is completely softened. It takes generally a minimum of 30-45 minutes, but varies from person to person. Maintain this condition for 15 minutes to allow the full penetration of the AQ liquid to the dermis to reach the nest of the fungus. After removing the foot, wipe dry with a cloth without rinsing. AQ liquid can be used repeatedly for 7 days without stopping. Please take note note that during and after the entire soaking process, refrain from putting on old shoes and socks due to the extreme tenacious nature of the fungus, and any remaining fungus is enough to cause the foot to become contaminated again. It is recommended to refrain from taking any chances from overlooking this step.


Can AQ be used in cars? Will the car temperature affect the quality of AQ?

According to a number of surveys, the bacteria content in most cars is no lower than that of ordinary household toilets or kitchens. The air-conditioning system and carpets of cars are breeding grounds for bacteria and should not be ignored. Frequent use of GP series keeps the bacteria content in the car at a low level while reducing the musty smell. It is recommended to spray a large amount of AQ into the car’s intake vent (generally the location near the feet under the central dashboard) after turning on the air-conditioning system every week to try to kill the microorganisms in the system, and to keep it hygienic. The most effective working temperature of AQ is 55 degrees Celsius, and will not be affected so long as it is not higher than 80 degrees or lower than 0 degrees.

What is the principle behind AQ’s sterilization method?

AQ products have passed strict testing and certified to not contain drugs, heavy metals, carcinogens, and toxins, making it suitable for everyone.

AQ uses a different method compared to general chemical products. AQ breaks the bacterial virus chains instead of fighting the virus with another virus. Let’s break down this complex theory for a moment. The molecules of AQ are part of the microbial world and possess strong activity and sharp in shape. When they come into contact with fungi and organic pollutants, they will carry out three-dimensional destruction which decomposes the fungi or organic pollutants, or cause them to suffer from immediate loss of viability. Conversely, chemical products generally use toxic hypoxic methods to deal with microorganisms. The disadvantage is that they are more easily decoded by bacteria and viruses which strengthens drug resistance and promotes the emergence of superbugs.


Can AQ products be added to humidifiers?

AQ products are biological agents produced through precise calculations and cannot be used with water to prevent discounted efficacy. There is also the chance of the ultrasonic components of the humidifier being affected.


Why are there crystals present in the sealed bottle? Is it normal?

The ingredients of AQ contain natural plant extracts. The presence of a small amount of crystals or sediments are normal and will not affect the quality of the product.


If AQ relieves itching, how long does it take to be effective?

「An “itch” is a signal sent to the brain by the nervous system of the human body when it senses the presence of external pollution that is not serious. If it is serious, the signal will be in the form of “pain.” Common antipruritic products on the market mostly use substances such as peppermint and camphor to anesthetize nerve threads which blocks nerve signals to temporary relieve itching sensation. The fundamental method of AQ is to neutralize or decompose pollutants such as mosquito saliva and other organic pollutants, and to solve the problem from the source. AQ can effectively detoxify the skin. The more sprays that are used, the faster the effect, but is also dependent on the condition of the user.


Is AQ suitable for wounds?

Adults can use the multifunctional formula/children can use the toddler formula for 0-6 years old.

AQ has been strictly tested, and its disinfection effect is no different from that of medicinal iodine and high alcohol. Children can use the children’s formula which is mild in nature and has a fresh and pleasant scent. When caring for wounds, you can use AQ more often to keep the wound moist, prevent scarring and accelerate healing. In a near-sterile state, the scars of the wound will be significantly reduced and smoothed out to give you an unprecedented sense of recovery.


Which formula can be used for eczematous cheilitis?

The multi-functional formula is more suitable for oral bacteria, etc. You can also add skin formula or baby formula to strengthen the moisturizing effects in your daily routine, and the two can be used in conjunction for cell repair.


Which formula can be used for hand eczema?

If the problem is not serious, you can use the skin formula series. But if it is serious, you should consider using the multi-functional formula series coupled with a moisturizer with good hydrating properties. Once the skin improves, use the skin formula to clean and moisturize on a daily basis, which helps to maintain the anti-aging effects of the skin.


AQ products smell somewhat like alcohol?

AQ products are made of pure and natural ingredients. What smells like alcohol is a "phytoalcohol” that is fermented naturally. The amount of content depends on the formula of different models of the products. Most of the alcohol used in industry is "methanol", which is mainly produced from wood and is not suitable for drinking. There are triterpene ketone alcohols in cactus, all of which have different anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant effects. The value and function of general "alcohol" is incomparable with natural alcohol. The endofermentative alcohols contained in AQ products are phytoalcohols formed through plant fermentation and biological extracts.


Why does coughing occur after spraying AQ?

If there is coughing and a dry throat while using AQ products, please be careful! Your first line of defense may have been demolished by the bacteria and viruses! And AQ is now battling with the bacteria that has compromised your throat’s lining. A cough is a warning sign. Please use AQ as a protective shield immediately to improve your rest and take note of your diet: drink enough water and boost your immunity, thereby avoiding “all kinds of illnesses”!


Does long-term use of AQ result in overdependency?

No. As we are in a different era, the air quality is also different. Today, viruses mutate at an alarming rate, which has surpassed the learning rate of our immune system. They are replicating even faster. The antibiotics, that we have invented, have lost their effectiveness and generated side-effects. The pioneering work of the AQ team is enabling our immune systems to take a rest and repair our bodies, thereby reducing burdens, avoiding overload and enhancing immunity. The medical box has turned into a savings account.


What is the shelf-life of AQ products? Is it affected after it has been opened?

The best period of use for AQ’s spray liquid is 30-36 months which is clearly marked on the packaging. The storage period is not affected whether it has been opened or not, and because AQ is itself a disinfectant product, it will basically not deteriorate. As long as the product doesn’t turn brown, cloudy, or emits an odor, it is safe to use even past the best before date.


Which product has the strongest deodorizing effect?

The environmental formula VC series is very effective in removing organic odors and formaldehyde in the environment, such as smoke, incense, candles, food, oil fumes and etc. For odors on the body, it is more effective to use the multifunctional formula GP series to sterilize the air and decompose the odor of the source.


Why can AQ products be used in skincare?

Many beauty lovers are only aware of their skin being dry, so they apply creams and moisturizers, or head to beauty salons for skincare treatments. What they aren’t aware of is that skin dryness is caused by the growth of bacteria in pores which damages skin tissue. Airborne pollutants easily block pores and cause bacteria growth, damaged skin tissue and slow metabolism which cause the skin to become sensitive, acne-prone, yellowing and even signs of aging. AQ’s common skin formula that is used to eliminate pollutants on the skin is able to purify, reduce inflammation, remove acne, as well as promote metabolism and regain the health and beauty that beauty lovers deserve. In addition, AQ’s skin-specific formula contains a large amount of plant collagen skincare factors which is a natural blessing for skincare. It is recommended to be used as a skin toner and is best used in conjunction with moisturizing products.


Why can AQ cure sub-health problems such as eczema, canker sores, and nasal allergies?
AQ is not a medicine and cannot cure diseases. AQ only effectively eliminates the pathogenic bacteria and allergens that cause disease from the environment. And in exchange, we gain space for our immune system to function to speed up recovery. In fact, various kinds of sub-health problems that we see every day—colds, eczema, canker sores, nasal allergies, skin allergies, skin diseases, Athlete’s foot, general inflammation, body odor, pain, itching—are mostly caused by bacteria and viruses in the air and environment, so the use of AQ to eliminate pathogens tackles all of the above problems.


Can AQ share its certifications?

Of course! Most of AQ’s certifications can be shared with our customers and can be downloaded from the official website (


Can AQ resist bacteria for 2 hours?

For bacteria to affect the human body, they need to divide and multiply to a certain number of colonies. The development from a single bacterium to a colony depends on factors such as temperature and humidity, and generally takes 2 to 4 hours. Because time and space are required for new bacteria to develop to the point where they can affect the human body, after thorough disinfection with AQ, there is a 2-hour safety time window which is the basic standard for general disinfection procedures. The appropriate disinfection cycles can be adjusted in response to changes in the weather and environment.

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