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<<Where do all diseases come from?>>


1. All diseases are caused by bacteria and viruses. AQ is a bacterial and viral antagonist product that was successfully developed in New Zealand in 2005. It is an ingestible herbal health spray, and it can be safely used by everyone, including children (referred to as "BB"). The product specifically targets common pathogens in humans and achieves a 99.99% eradication rate. It has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, relieves itching caused by allergies, aids in the repair of acidity and burns, purifies and improves sinusitis, prevents mosquito-borne diseases, and serves as a miraculous product of the new era by preventing humans from relying on medication and preventing the spread of pathogenic bacteria.


2. Why was AQ named "Health-Tech Water"? The intention is to inform everyone that modern health relies on technological elements. It signifies that bacteria and viruses are no longer as easily dealt with as before. AQ is not a conventional product; it is a technological breakthrough and a miraculous product.


3. With the protection of AQ, the root cause of diseases can be taken care of, allowing the body to avoid wasting time fighting illnesses. This, in turn, provides more time for rest and enables a greater focus on repairing the body's depleted functions. Under such circumstances, the body can enhance its immune system and self-protect for long-lasting health and longevity.


4. The purpose of taking supplements and engaging in exercise is to strengthen the body in order to have the energy to fight against the root causes of illnesses. However, with AQ capturing the culprits, there is no need to exert energy in battling them. The body can maintain better health. It is important to choose the right supplements that address the specific deficiencies in one's body, as otherwise, they can actually burden the body instead.


5. If being too clean decreases immune function and, conversely, being dirty enhances it, then one could argue that there is no need to shower, brush teeth, or maintain cleanliness, and simply consume dirty substances. However, this statement is misleading and not supported by scientific evidence. While it is true that exposure to certain microbes can help build immunity, maintaining personal hygiene and cleanliness is still crucial for overall health and preventing the spread of harmful pathogens. It is important to strike a balance between cleanliness and exposure to beneficial microbes for optimal immune function.


6. Modern people have become too clean and rely heavily on chemical agents, which accelerate the deterioration of bodily functions and come with various side effects. This excessive cleanliness naturally leads to a decrease in immune function. Nowadays, bacteria and viruses have evolved and mutated. Once infected, it can easily give rise to other complications in the body, leading to suffering from diseases and even life-threatening situations. This should not be underestimated. To safeguard the health of yourself and your family, AQ is your top choice!

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