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AQ has noticed that many customers have been inquiring about another brand that has emerged in the market and on social media platforms, using a name and trademark that are similar to our company's.

Our company hereby declares that the mentioned brand has no affiliation with "AQbio" whatsoever.
Regarding any potential consequences and impacts related to the products of the mentioned brand, they are in no way associated with our company.

Dear AQ fans, due to the outstanding efficacy, excellent reputation, and numerous certifications of AQ products, there are many imitations of our bottle design or companies with names similar to AQ. It is important to recognize our brand's logo to avoid being misled. AQ boxes and bottles are labeled with the name "HealthyTech Water" and the brand is registered as AQbio.
Please ensure that you recognize registered trademarks as the best form of protection to avoid being deceived!

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