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AQ Announcement


In response to the Consumer Council’s test of disinfection products on the market today, the company’s response to the report is as follows:


The report conducted performance tests on more than a dozen brands, covering a wide range. However, it is intriguing that the association chose adenoviruses that have never experienced an epidemic instead of the coronavirus that has ravaged the world in recent years. It should be known that adenovirus and coronavirus belong to two types (with and without mantle), and the effective methods of inactivation are naturally different. With the financial resources of the Consumer Council, it is definitely more than enough to do one more test on the coronavirus. It is really puzzling to inform consumers of the effectiveness of the coronavirus directly without guessing!

The content of the report mentions that AQ's antiseptic function is excellent (99.999%), but why the effect on adenovirus is not satisfactory. AQ is a biotechnology preparation. The scientific research team is selective and pertinent when designing products, instead of using the toxicity and chemical properties of traditional preparations to kill indiscriminately on a large scale, and successfully achieve the ultimate goal of bacterial death and no side effects. Human adenovirus is a virus that has a certain affinity for the human lymphatic system and does not have a serious impact on ordinary people. The biotechnology structure of AQ is close to that of lymph, so the response to adenovirus is also expected. You can refer to the EU standard test report on the AQ website. AQ effectively inactivates the coronavirus by 99.99%, which proves that AQ's advanced technology is oriented and selective, sterilizing and disinfecting, without harming the human body.

AQ has been popular in the Hong Kong market for 12 years and has achieved an impressive score of more than 5,000,000 units. During this period, it has continued to meet the market's anti-epidemic needs (especially the highly infectious new coronavirus), and continue to improve according to the actual environment and strive for excellence. It is particularly emphasized that AQ is not a normal disinfectant, but a natural biological agent with 6 advantages, 7 functions and SQT human body synergy technology, which provides all-round conditions to assist the human body to charge quickly, reduce the wastage of immune energy, and help the body improve Resistance, and natural biological agents will not cause microorganisms to produce drug-resistant variants. AQ scientific research is a comprehensive technology to improve human health, rather than just sterilization to bring health. AQ has more than one hundred authoritative certifications, clearly specifying the date to kill bacteria and viruses. I believe that AQ products are the most safe and effective certifications in the world. It can provide users with a safe, secure, and low-drug modern quality life. It is also our company. Wish and promise.


AQAQ Board of Directors

January 14, 2021


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