Air Defender Sanitizer 2500ml

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This product is specifically developed to purify the air and remove unusual odor. Built with the functionality of sanitizing the air, it is produced from a delicate selection of all natural plant materials and the employment of new biotechnology extraction techniques. It is a type of plant-based ecological agent with multiple biological chelating functions. The sesquiterpenoids (11/2) not only can strengthen the immune system of human body, but it can also help enhance sleep quality. By using it in a long-term manner, it can ensure clean and hygienic air indoors. With AQ’s core technology of SQT Human Synergistic Technology, it has a delicately precise chain structure that is hard to be decoded by the bacteria and viruses. Being natural without any hazardous substances, It can also jointly exist with humans. It can, moreover, help to quickly recharge the human body in an all-rounded manner and reduce any loss of immunity, making it simpler to be healthy.

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